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"Our goal is to help our employees achieve theirs.” - Keith Orr

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Who We Are

We are a team of 800+ who have seized the opportunity be a part of something bigger. To actively provide a customer-centric and value-driven service to our community. Every day we demonstrate a fierce commitment to the customer and to the professional development of our team. This dedication creates an environment where future business owners thrive. Experience what it’s like to be a part of a 100-year-old automotive group that is just getting started.

Partner Testimonial

“You're going to get training, about not only how to run a sales floor but how to run a business. You're going to get to see best practices from over 34 car dealerships. Our playbook will essentially be open to those who want to come in and study, and learn, and be successful. We are going to continue to grow, so the people who are willing to take that chance, take that risk, and step out, we will show you a roadmap on how to get there." - Trey Patterson


Build your career surrounded by leaders and mentors who have access to a century of automotive knowledge and expertise.


Take control of your professional development with training on everything from how to run a sales floor to how to run a business.


Experience the reward of a successful career in the automotive industry.